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Frequently Asked Question

Please contact us if you have a question that is not answered below

Q. How do I add myself to the database of musicians on MString.co.za?
A. Click on create listing and fill in your details.
Q. Are there any fees associated with using MString.co.za?
A. No. We are committed to keeping our services free for both musicians and the public.
Q. How do I contact a musician?
A. Browse or search for musicians on the left side of the website. Click on one of the results that appear to see more details about the musician and to contact them by sending a message. Musicians also have the option of displaying their phone numbers, so in some cases you can call them directly if you so wish. Some musicians also have a website where you can find out more about them.
Q. How do I publicise an event?
A. You need to add yourself to the musicians database so that you can log in. Once logged in, you can manage your listings and events.
Q. How do I get a username and password?
A. You need to add yourself to the musicians database. Create a listing, and login details will be emailed to you.
Q. What are the benefits of joining the mailing list?
A. Joining the mailing list adds your email address to our notification list, so that you will be informed of upcoming events in your area.
Q. What happens when I submit the form to invite friends to visit MString.co.za?
A. An invitation is emailed to your friends on your behalf that gives them the link to MString.co.za.
Q. What does MString.co.za offer members of the public?
A. MString.co.za enables the public to contact musicians of many different genres around South Africa directly. There is no commission charged to contact musicians.
Q. What does MString.co.za offer musicians?
A. MString.co.za creates the platform for musicians to list their talent and give the public information on what they do and how to contact them free of charge.
Q. What do I need to do to sponsor MString.co.za?
A. In order to sponsor MString.co.za, we require your company logo. We create a link to your website on the right bar of MString.co.za for a nominal yearly fee. Please contact us to discuss your sponsored link placement on MString.co.za.
Q. What does MString.co.za offer sponsors?
A. MString.co.za provides the opportunity for members of the public and musicians accessing the website to be redirected to the sponsor's website by clicking on a prominently placed link. Sponsored links appear on every single page of the webiste, providing optimal opportunity for MString.co.za users to click on their links.
Q. What should I do to place a mutual link between MString.co.za and my website?
A. Please contact us, we are very willing to swap links with businesses and private initiatives.
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